Newbie looking for insight: a call from my sandcastle

I have been seized with an urge to blog and read others’ blogs overnight. All of a sudden I can’t believe what a treasure trove of interesting stuff is right at my fingertips. However, I’m quite new at blogging and even newer at being active in the blogging world – so I’d love some advice and maybe a shout-out from whomever has wisdom to impart. Especially: I’m looking for great blogs to follow, and I don’t have quite know where to look, so if you think I might be interested in yours or someone else’s, comment here. The stuff that really interests me is:

– People, in different contexts: politics, burning questions, social problems, religion vs. non-religion, etc.

– Well-told personal accounts and the occasional musing

– Blogs from/about South Africa

– Meaningful discussions about life, whatever that might entail

– Basically anything interesting.

Other than that, any tips from you seasoned bloggers would be great! I dove in without ever having thought about the shore I’m heading towards. I’m loving the waters, though – maybe I’ll just keep on paddling away at heart’s content.


6 thoughts on “Newbie looking for insight: a call from my sandcastle

  1. Accepting your invitation here. Blogging for 20 months I have managed to align 800+ blogs with my WordPress Reader. 800 is a lot of blogs to follow. I regularly add to and delete from this list. I have scrolled through a half dozen of your most recent posts and acknowledge that you write well (and entertainingly). So here’s my advice and please, consider it solely my perspective:

    Consider limiting your posts to no more than one per day. Consider limiting your word count as many who read/follow other’s blogs, have limited bandwidth to read lengthy posts. Reblog other’s post occasionally. I share this suggestion as I prefer to read someone’s original work rather than their simply reblogging another’s. But this is just me. And perhaps most important, write for yourself not for a target or intended audience. As a blogger, you are a messenger and get to use this space to share your wisdom, opinions, knowledge, whatever is meaningful to you. You’ll find a cadre of readers will follow once they get a sense for who you are and what your choose to share.

    See what happens when you solicit input? 🙂 Wishing you well with your blogging journey.


    • Thank you so much for your advice! It has absolutely made my day. Your comments are very sensible and I will attemt to follow your advice – the only thing I really struggle with (and I am aware of my shortcoming in that regard) is keeping my posts short. It’s so hard to say what I want to say briefly! I’m working on it. I appreciate the participation. Have a lovely end-of-year.


    • Oh, and with regards to limiting my posts to one a day: I realise this true. I don’t want to overwhelm readers. In future I will definitely consider this. At present I was feeling rather frantic with thoughts and ideas and the knowledge that I will soon be absent for ten days. From now on, though, I am taking your advice. Thanks.


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